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Are you considered obese or chronically overweight?

Dear Friends,

We are in a global obesity crisis that keeps worsening despite a burgeoning weight loss, medical and fitness industry.

Diet, exercise, and emotional eating programs only have a 5% success rate for long-term weight loss. Even bariatric surgery, the gold standard for weight loss, fails 20-30% of the time.

The reason we are failing obesity treatment is because we are offering the wrong treatment. Obesity is not just about calorie restriction or the size of your stomach.

Obesity is a medical condition of serious inflammation, chronic pain, disordered metabolism and genetic signals, altered brain chemistry, food sensitivities, toxic and infectious etiologies, and serious vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Obesity is a psychological condition of stress, depression, anxiety. Obesity is a spiritual condition of being isolated from the flow of society and the ones we love. [continued below…]

Sara Stein M.D. discusses life with obesity and treatment of obesity. It IS possible to heal from obesity physically, emotionally and spiritually.

At Stein Wellness Centers, we begin by correcting basic imbalances in the body, which starts weight loss. We work with food and supplements to increase nutrition and decrease cravings. We start movement slowly, gently, and only when the person is physically able to move. After all of that is corrected, we work with you on psychological issues, social issues, and ultimately, spiritual issues related to living as an obese person in a thin world.

We give you a place to begin. No boot camp. No starvation. No more stress. Just a moment-to-moment living, breathing affirmation that your life is valuable and your body is worth saving.

I know because I’ve done it, one small step at a time. Now it’s your turn.

Join me in good health,

Sara Stein, M.D.
Sara Stein M.D.
Stein Wellness Centers

P.S. We’ve created a “Roadmap to Real Weight Loss” with some really valuable information to help you learn what might be holding you back from losing weight. It’s free — and I invite you to provide us with your name and email address to access it. Thank you!

P.S.S. See Dr. Stein as featured in August’s “First For Women – Doctors’ Own Weight Loss Secrets” (It’s a big file, so please be patient)!

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