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Fat People Don’t Shop In Bookstores & Other Crazy Thoughts

Nice book, says B&N, we’ll keep it online. These types of books sell better online.

Uh-oh. What type of books? FAT BOOKS? FOR FAT PEOPLE???

Fat people don’t shop for diet books. They shop for candy bars. If they’re in the bookstore, they avoid the diet books. When they want to buy diet books, they hide behind their computers and secretly buy fat books in the night.

Been there, done that. It’s true. The Secret Life of An Addict.

I will go anywhere in public to buy my addiction candy – any street corner, any gas station, any fancy candy shoppe, under any bridge. But my rehab book, I will only buy in secret. Not proudly, like those cigarette smokers with the “I’m quitting today” stickers proudly discussing their intent with the cashiers. Furtively. So no one will know. That I want to try again. And I might fail.

So now I’m outed again by a bookstore. That wont carry my fat book in person. But will gladly carry it on the internet for fat shoppers who don’t want anyone to know they are thinking of quitting candy. Not only am I a secret eater, I’m a secret shopper too!

My first reaction was embarrassment. What will I say when people ask when is your book going to be in the store? Some vague non-committal answer. THE SAME FEELING I’VE HAD WHEN I GAINED WEIGHT BACK AFTER PUBLICLY LOSING IT. I’ve failed again.

So here’s what I did. I told the world. I told Facebook, and I told Twitter and now I’m telling you. Fat people don’t shop for diet books in public. They diet in secret. And the bookstores know it.

It is not your fault if you have an addiction. You are not weak or lazy or slovenly. You are human. And I hope if you reach for my book in the middle of the night from the sanctuary of your computer, that it reaches your authentic self. From my heart to yours.

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3 Responses to “Fat People Don’t Shop In Bookstores & Other Crazy Thoughts”
  1. I’m no longer overweight but I have obesity. I’m almost 9 years out from weight loss surgery and have maintained my weight loss. I just bought your book on my Kindle so don’t despair! The Kindle is showing up everywhere and I’m going to share your site with many others that can benefit as well. Good stuff!

  2. I’m so excited to hear of your book (via Twitter) today. Will go into a bookstore to look for it. Sounds like we may be from the same “tribe”. Will be reading your blog to learn more
    of your perspective. I treat women with overeating/binge-eating/bulimia end of the spectrum and have always believed that we are empaths/sensitives who are particularly
    vulnerable to taking on others’ energies, and therefore need weight to ground and protect our boundaries. I use energy work, and other holistic pieces to support my clients
    and of course have had my long history of overeating/binge eating to educate me from the inside out.

    So happy to have found you and wish you and your book great success. I hope you’re correct that we can impact the way women understand these issues.

    In love and service,
    Lisa Claudia Briggs

    Breaking The Spell of Overeating: Results You Crave

  3. Wendy Hanawalt says:

    Just heard about your book from Dr. Sharma’s Facebook entry and RAN (or at least my fingers ran!) over to Amazon to one-click it. I’m looking forward to reading it. I loved the chocolate chip cookie incident he described. My “sacred wafer” was my Nana’s sugar cookie, offered to me after I had fallen down the cellar stairs at the age of two. I remember her holding it in front of my face. I swear, it glowed a heavenly light. She gave it to me to stop crying. I’ve been using food to “stop crying” ever since.

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