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Live on the Internet sites!

YAYYY!!! Live on Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com and Kindle! Still waiting for the great state of Ohio to make it official for the e-version. In Powells and Joseph Beth already! In bookstores in later October! Spanish and Russian translations coming in 2009, I promise!

The blog is comment free; please go to the forum page and share your thoughts and feelings with all of us. Coming soon.

I owe alot of people alot of gratitude starting with my husband who is now officially the book widower. Maybe he can take up golf!

So hang in there with me, thanks for your interest, we’re hurrying up and waiting as fast as we can!!

Best, Sara

PS Please see the forum for a typographical error correction in versions published prior to October 12, 2009. My apologies for missing that 🙁

We apologize for the following typographical error in editions of Obese From The Heart: A Fat Psychiatrist Discloses:

ERROR: Please replace the word “gabapentin” with “GABA” on pages 15, 26 and 34. GABA is a relaxing neurotransmitter in the brain. Gabapentin is a medication that may increase that neurotransmitter. We apologize for the error and note that this has been corrected in any version of the book Obese From The Heart: A Fat Psychiatrist Discloses published after October 12, 2009.

Kindle users will be able to redownload the corrected version at no additional charge.

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