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On Being The Biggest Winner

A woman who has lost 200 lbs, with another 100 to go, reaches a weight plateau. Her trainer urges her to work harder in her workouts to bust through the stalemate with her body.

I disagree.

When you apply more force to your body, your body holds onto fat with equal intensity.

I would say to this lovely lady…

You have made a remarkable journey, your body thanks you every moment for moving from illness towards vitality. Losing weight is a healing process that requires gentleness, with careful care not to reinjure the body through emotional or physical stress. Ideally we honor our healing bodies with a combination of movement, stretching and strengthening, good humor and peaceful minds. If you work too hard to lose, you increase stress in your body, increase your stress hormones, and they hold on dearly to every last ounce of fat.

Instead, when you reach a plateau, change something in your movement, something in your food and something in your heart. And weight loss will always follow.


One Response to “On Being The Biggest Winner”
  1. This agrees with all my experience of trying to shift weight. When I work really hard at it – I get heavier – but thinner to begin with – the old muscle-building thing.
    Then when I have a few days rest for one reason or another – suddenly the scales say I’ve lost weight. I am convinced stress has been my biggest enemy over the years, but it’s lessening now, although old habits die hard.

    Your blog is very interesting I will be coming back to read more.
    Coincidentally my newest poem is about attitudes to weight loss – it’s called ‘Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels’ and explores the strange detachment from living that occurs when all is focussed on a skinny self-image/goal. It’s on my poems-2-share blog.

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