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What have you done for yourself today?

It’s way too easy to forget about your own needs, even when your brain and body are screaming inside you for fresh air and rest and joy and movement.

I was in the ER with my dad yesterday, always sudden and always scary. He’s fine, we left before he got jumped by some lurking virus. I came home and made green minty tea and had dark chocolate and then sat in a hot bath with music and bubbles. Well actually, I turned on the jets and the bath salts foamed like crazy and went all over the bathroom like some bad Lawrence Welk intro, and my 175 lb Newfoundland puppy came in and was trying to catch them with his tongue, but I was afraid the salts would give him the runs so I was trying to get him to quit it, and yelling for my husband who was in the garage installing some computer thing and didn’t hear that this 6-foot dog is trying to climb in the tub with me.

And I laughed and laughed and laughed.

And then I felt better, and slept all night.

(transferred from the Forum, originally posted Nov 2009)


One Response to “What have you done for yourself today?”
  1. Brenda Baker says:

    I heard you on the radio and I immediately decided to make an appointment, however, I do not see how to do that, and I am in Clearwater FL. Where are you? I will be a great fan of this Web Site. Every word you spoke rang so true. Thank you for going on that show!

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