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Introduction to ‘Obese From The Heart’

Who is this book for?

Maybe it is easier to tell you whom it is NOT for.

If you are looking for a good diet, consider these suggestions:

  • If you have a few pounds to lose, try a balanced diet with meal plans or suggestions that suit your lifestyle – join a gym, go for a walk, stop drinking soda, drink tea, find a diet buddy or online support group, practice relaxation.
  • If you have a significant amount of weight to lose, go to your doctor, a nutritionist and start moving, even a little. Learn how to lose weight the healthy way, and try it. Make sure you do not have a medical condition that is causing the extra weight.
  • The rest of you, read on.

  • Read on if you are morbidly obese by medical standards and you have not successfully managed your weight.
  • Read on if you feel hopeless, helpless and defeated by your weight and your attempts to lose it.
  • Read on if your appearance does not reflect the way you feel inside.
  • Read on if others have reacted to your appearance before you even said one word to them.
  • Read on if you feel alone because of your weight or if your weight is a response to feeling alone.
  • Read on if the pounds you gain reflect the pain and emptiness you feel in life.
  • Read on if you have put your life on hold because of your weight or you have resigned yourself to living a better life in some other year or in some other universe.
  • Read on if you believe you are going to die because of your weight and you have not been able to change your ways.
  • Read on if you feel that there is an inner you clamoring to emerge; the you that accurately reflects your soul, the you that looks the way you feel.

This book is as much my story as your story. They are not different. We may have been born in different cities or countries; we may eat different foods or work in different vocations. We may worship with different languages and customs. We may be different ages and different sizes.In the end, all we have are our relationships.

Underneath our exteriors, we are all the same. We love, we hate, we celebrate, we grieve. We play, we learn, we create. We have relationships that sustain us throughout our physical lives – relationships with people, with ourselves, with food, with our spiritual selves.

If I believe that my body serves to keep me separate from you, then I can never be connected to you, even in intimacy. We are connected by our emotions, by our energy, not by our bodies. Anyone who has ever felt another persons joy or suffering, whether in person or in the media, feels that connection. Why else would we weep over illnesses, or wars, or disasters, or crimes that affect those we have never met, in places we have never been?

We are all connected. My health reflects your energy. My love is an expression of your loyalty. My blessing is the song of your heart. And so it goes.

When you are tired, I am in pain. When you are alone, I weep. When I am isolated from the flow of the universe, I cannot fill up, no matter how much I eat.

(from Obese From The Heart: A Fat Psychiatrist Discloses c2009 all rights reserved)


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  1. Jon says:

    Great Video! try this one on for size…. Why am I gaining weight & I’m doing eveything I can to lose…?

    Keep Writing!

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